Parent recalls nightmare experience of son on the mound.

One mom’s story about her son being hit by a line drive to the head.

We received this story from a prospective customer and asked if we could share her and her son’s story to help educate others so they can also use the necessary protection available to possibly prevent this from ever happening.

On July 30, 2016 my 12-year-old son was on the mound pitching only 45 feet away from a batter.  A line drive from the batter in the box came back so hard and fast at my son and hit him 2″ above his right ear.  He did not lose consciousness but suffered a skull fracture with a hematoma on the brain.  It was the scariest thing I ever saw in my life!

In the 30+ years of avidly watching professional baseball, being around my family and 2 sons playing baseball (both pitch), and even throwing countless hours of batting practices…never did this cross my mind.  I always thought, “What are the chances?”  Wow.  What was I thinking?!

Fortunate for us, after hours of pacing in the ICU and reviewing a CT scan of my son’s skull showing a 4 mm dent and a hematoma at the spot of impact, my son is in the progress of making a good recovery.  The trauma doctor and neurosurgeon did not have to operate but evaluated him for a few days to make sure his condition didn’t worsen.  His symptoms were all on his left side and included numbness in his fingers, a dilated pupil, paralysis in his face, and impaired speech.  All he has been left with is symptoms of a concussion and for lack of better words, a good dent in his head.


As a parent it is extremely scary and you feel completely helpless when you see your son laying in an ICU hospital bed. My son is on limited mobility, off of any sports, running, lifting, etc. for a while, but I will definitely have to do my homework and research as to which kind of head protection will be the best fit for him when he may or may not some day say he is ready to go back out on the mound.

Being a big baseball, fastpitch and sports-geared family we have played and watched a lot of games, but it seems over the past few years some kids appear to be bigger and stronger, more mature, and the bats they seem to have a lot more pop than they used to.  It is crazy to see what can happen in the split of a second by a simple little baseball!  It sure turned our lives upside-down!

I am glad to share my son’s story to help educate others so they can also use the necessary protection available to possibly prevent this from ever happening.  People need to truly understand the damage a baseball can do.  Thanks to the skillful and knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and therapists at our local hospital, we have our son back.  Also we are truly thankful for the many prayers and support from such loving family and friends.  The Lord blessed us with a miracle.

Some of our local baseball leagues are considering moving the 12 year old group back to a possibly 50 foot distance and also separating the age groups a little more for safety.  All things considered, I’m glad I found SST and am excited to try out your head guards to see which one will fit my son best.  I know how much he loves playing baseball with his best buds and am hoping to find some comfort in knowing that some day when he decides to step back on that mound, he will be protected better from the risk of serious injury!

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